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Snotel - Current Snowpack Levels

View the current snowpack levels for Wolf Creek Summit and Upper San Juan snow gauges. EBID surface water allotment is dependent on snow melt run-off from these critical areas.

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For over 100 years EBID has been the steward of the surface water of New Mexico's portion of the Rio Grande Project. We operate and maintain the system for EBID members in the Rincon and Mesilla Valleys, continually improving efficiencies to meet the needs of those we serve and keep costs low, while our commitment to protecting the interests of our members remains steadfast. Our mission is – and always has been – to efficiently deliver surface water to our members with professionalism and respect.

Interested in an EBID Irrigation Well Meter?

If you are in need of an irrigation well meter, EBID offers a digital pulse meter equipped with a Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) that tracks flow, acre feet, and irrigation time. This data is password protected and available via login on this website.

Accurate and reliable groundwater data is critical in times of reduced surface water allotment, which is why EBID has developed a meter capable of providing real-time data that is easily accessible to our farmers.  Click the link below to find out more.

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